➢    Your Money Making Machine
Your business is your money making machine. Therefore it needs to make as much money as possible to afford the lifestyle you work so hard for.

➢    Focus on Your Profitable Core
Not all your customers and products make you money. Our experience have shown that 67% of customers and 73% of products in any business are unprofitable. Knowing your profitable core is key to take your business to the next level.

➢    Know Your Breakeven Point
A full knowledge of your daily, weekly, or monthly breakeven point gives you control over your business. It keeps you on the right track to make your business a huge success like no other.

➢    Improve Your Conversion Rates
There are literally millions of prospects who share the same profiles as your profitable customers waiting to do business with you. A 5% improvement in your conversion rates would increase your profitable customer base by 15.5%.

➢    Know Your Margins
No business can survive without adequate margins to cover its overheads. To thrive, you need to know your margins every time you sell a product or interact with a customer.

➢    Increase Sales Revenue
Increase your revenue through profitable pricing NOT volume sales. This is the surest and most profitable way to grow your business. A 5% increase in your price would add another 50% to your EBIT at 40% margins.

➢    Increase Sales Dollar
Upsell your profitable customers with higher priced and higher quality products while holding on to your required margins in each transaction. A 5% increase in your sales dollar would add another 5% to your EBIT.

➢    Increase Sales Frequency
Use campaigns and rewards systems to encourage your profitable customers to buy more frequently from you. Increase your share of their wallet with you. A 5% increase in frequency would add another 5% to your EBIT.

➢    Drive Costs Down
There is always room for improvement in your variable and fixed costs structure. A reduction of 5% in your costs would add another 45% to your EBIT.

➢    Shrink to Grow
In most cases, our strategies will reduce the size of your operations and increase your profits, cash flow and ROI year after year. Your business will then be a truly money making machine while you live the lifestyle you deserve.

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