About Us

Crossbow Consulting Group was set up with the aim of transforming businesses globally. We are staffed with people who are subject matter experts in their own fields.

We use proven and time-tested strategies to help our clients achieve profitable and sustainable growth and we are relentless in our efforts in transforming and taking our client business to the next level.

Our strategies are customized solutions with the single objective to achieve maximum results for our clients.

Whatever challenges you are facing now in your business, we are here to help.

About Victor Ang


Victor Ang

Victor Ang is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Crossbow Consulting Group, who provides owners and managers of SMEs with the help they need to improve their financial results and take their business to the next level.

Victor has been referred to as an innovative thinker and visionary by his clients and peers when it comes to helping them succeed financially in their business.

Since 1998, Victor has helped improved the financial results of his clients from many industries including Construction, Logistics, Education, Manufacturing, Insurance, Real Estate, and F & B.

In addition to consulting with clients, Victor delivers public seminars and in-house corporate presentations locally and overseas.

Victor’s company, Crossbow Consulting Group is rapidly developing a reputation for its innovative ways of teaching owners and managers of SMEs to pro-actively create the financial results their dream lifestyle demands.

Over the years, Victor has sold 33 of his clients’ businesses at premium prices after they have been turned around.

If you are interested in having Victor address your organization, present at your corporate functions, consult with your business, or if you wish to receive more information about his innovative financial system, click here to drop us an enquiry.