Are We In This TOGETHER?

Every Leader, Manager, or CEO wants the same thing – to get buy-in from their people, employees, and stakeholders. But only a handful of them do this task consistently well. What is their secret?

Their secret is to give them a GREAT reason to follow your lead or idea. Here’s what GREAT stands for:

Grounded in facts;
Relevant to your audience;
Explanation that make sense to your audience;
Apparently logical; and
Truth about the situation.

Very often when we have a idea to pull through, we speak from our point of view and we expect our people to follow us. This can be annoying for both you and your people as well. This is because what you want is always in contrary to what they want at the very beginning. Therefore you need a way to bridge the gap.

Please look at what GREAT stands for above. Do you notice that for you to lead and be GREAT,  you must start with the point of view of your audience? This is the trade secret. Period. It is no longer YOU, but THEY first, then US.

Every single person who works with you or buys your products and services is a thinking, reasoning human being. As such, they want to know the logical facts and reasons why you are making such proposal or project. Why they must must contribute and be part of the proposal or project.

Remember, all great proposals, projects, and ideas are grounded in facts. No two way about it. If you were to take the time to gather those facts, data, and present them in a way that is relevant to your audience, explain to them the logical reasons why you need certain things to be done, and speak the truth about the situation no matter how bad. Doing so, you will have them on your side.

To be GREAT, give them an opportunity to evaluate your information, allow them to ask you questions openly, and let them draw their conclusions. This is where most authoritative leaders fail. Most leaders lead with authority and NOT with influence. To them, “it is my way or the high way” kind of mentality. People hate this kind of leadership. This kind of leaders are respected out of fear and nothing else. This type of leadership hardly work with people right now.

To be GREAT, you need to make yourself vulnerable to their questions about your proposals. Give them a chance to air their differences. Try to capitalize on those differences. Make them feel empowered in the process. When they start to see and feel the way you do, they will support you, and become your advocates instead of your adversaries. They will be very willing to work with you till the whole proposal or project is done. They will feel the ownership of the proposal or project. To them, they own it. And you started it. 

We have all come to a stage where any data we need are readily available on the internet or from a reliable vendor. Use them to your advantage in all your communication with your people. They will appreciate the time you took to accumulate those data to communicate with them. It is a sign of respect you have for them – their time, and intelligence, and they know it. In return, they will reciprocate their respect for you. This is what I called a Win-Win Leadership.

I thank you for your time reading this article. I hope it has been helpful to you and for you. I can be reached at for any comments or questions that you may have.

Thank you.

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder, Crossbow Consulting Group.

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