Never STOP Communicating With Your Customers

Communication with your existing customers is paramount if you want to continue to stay in business. This is a no-brainer concept. However, when was the last time you send out birthdays cards to your clients? When was the last time you send them an anniversary gift? When was the last time you had coffee with them?

Chances you have NOT done so at all or maybe you did it once in a blue moon. This is never enough to retain any customer in any business.

Frankly, if any of your customers decided to leave you for good, you are the cause of it. Period.

So how can you communicate with your customers constantly? Below are some pointers that you can apply immediately;

  1. Be an active listener to whatever your customers have to say about anything about your business, products, services, and purchase experience etc.
  2. Let all your employees know that whatever they do in their jobs impact on the lives of the customers;
  3. Make “Customer First” as your corporate culture for customer service;
  4. Be bias for actions to serve the customers;
  5. Keep data and information of all customers feedback;
  6. Develop KPIs to track and measure improvements; and
  7. Reward your staff accordingly and openly.

Actually, to satisfy a customer does not require you to be a rocket scientist. You just need to put yourself into the shoes of your customers and ask yourself if that is what you wanted to be treated by your staff.

Most of us do not want to be treated badly but very often we do this to our customers on a daily basis. Most marketers are concerned about getting new customers with their brilliant marketing tactics and strategies but I can assure you that your gold mine is in your existing customer base. acquiring new customers can be an expensive venture in today’s business environment. It has been proved that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Therefore working and communicating with your existing customers is key. The very moment you started to get close to your customers, they will start to get close to you. When this happens, you will realize the tons of information your customers can “teach” you to grow your business and beat the competition.

Try it and you will be amazed with the results.

Many business owners have adopted high technologies to stay in touch with their customers. Gadgets like chat groups, emailing, and CRM systems. While I have not questions that the “hi-tech” way of communicating with your customers can be an efficient way, however, I still prefer the “old-school” way of meeting up over coffee, a phone call, or a video call with my customers. I feel this method of communicating with my customers is warmer, friendly, and I can show my personality and strengthen our business relationship even further. Yes, this “old-school” method takes a longer time but it has paid me back many times over. In other words, try emailing a handshake to your customers. You get the idea.

I sincerely hope you would start to think about communicating with your customers now. Start take good care of them and they will take good care of your business.

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Thank you.

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder

Crossbow Consulting Group

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