Time is Money. Really?

No one will argue with me that time is money.

We have known this phrase for so long that we probably have taken it for granted.

To really know if you live this phrase is to really look at the way you use your money.

How do you use your money daily? Do you buy things on impulse because there is a sale or discount? Do you buy things based on your wants but not your needs? Do you make your buying decisions emotionally then justifying them logically? Do you eat at expansive restaurant to show people you have “arrived”? Do you buy things because you can claim mileage or points on your credit cards? Do you buy now because you know your paycheck will come in end of the month?

If you are being honest with yourself in answering the questions above, you know you are running on a empty tank.

For most of us, we do not like to run our life “on a budget.” We want to have the freedom to do the things we want with our hard-earned money. And this is exactly the point. Without a budget, we go wild in our expenditures. This is the reasons why we have on average 4.5 credit cards in the wallet of each working adult. We are spending money we have not earned.

In fact, the most hated course in any finance class is “Financial Budgeting.” To most people it is the most boring subject. However for those who appreciate the importance of a budget, financial success and time freedom go to him.

Look at those who you know are financial rich, they have all one thing in common – they budget time like money.

To them, the meaning of “time is money” rings through their lives. They do not throw good money after bad. And they do not spend time with people who do not advance their cause. They know each one has 24 hours and they could not buy more time with their wealth but they use their money to save them time. As such, they create more wealth and more time for themselves. Period.

How you do something is gonna be how you do everything. How you spend your money now is how you treat your time use on a daily basis.

Change is the word. If you want to reverse your current situation for the better. Start a monthly family budget now. Get educated on this subject. Embrace it. You will see your finance starts to go up.

As you get better and easier with your monthly family budget, do the same for your time budget.

In no time, you will come to the realization that you are travelling the path of the rich.

See you at the top.

Thank you for reading. I can be contacted here Victor@CrossbowConsultingGroup.com if you need me.

Thank you,

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder

Crossbow Consulting Group

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