Reading Your Own Obituary


I shall wish you, my readers, a Happy 2018. This is my first blog for 2018 and I’m going to start this first blog with you “reading” your very own obituary. This I hope not taboo to you but I believe this article will be meaningful for anyone who wants to start their year right or even to turn their life around right at this very moment.

Instead of talking about New Year’s Resolutions which I thought to be lamb or at least to me. May I propose and interest you to “read” your own obituary for a change. Here goes…

There were once 2 brothers who have just recently inherited a multi-million dollar business from their deceased father. They became millionaires overnight.

The elder brother decided to travel around the world to gather knowledge and expertise leaving behind his younger brother to tend to the family business. During his travels, he discovered the way to make dynamite and he felt that his invention was going to make him and the family business richer and more famous than ever before.

His younger brother, Ludvig who was improving and managing the family business at the absence of his elder brother has diversified the family business into oil drilling. His discovered oil and his discovery has brought huge benefits to the whole world. Along the way, he became a humanitarian and his works benefited every human being everywhere he went.

Sadly, Ludvig was involved in an accident and was killed instantly. A French reporter decided to write about him in honor of his humanitarian works. However, this French reporter mistaken which brother had died in the accident and he wrote the wrong obituary and published it.

The elder brother, read it and was in tears. He sat down and reflected on his life only to be enormously disturbed by how one-dimensional his career and his life had become and how little of a positive impact his life had made on others.

The incident of reading his “own obituary” had made him realized the importance of giving something back to the society before it was too late. This moment totally turned his life around.

His name was Alfred Nobel, and from the premature death of his younger brother Ludvig and the reading of “his” obituary, Nobel Prize was born in 1895. He rapidly reduced the importance and size of his work and increased his giving significantly. The rest is history as they say.

Between 1901 and 2017, a total of 585 Nobel prizes have been awarded.

Now, if you were to read your own obituary today, what would you regret not seeing in it? If you were given only 6 more months to live, how would you think and act differently from now on in order that you could look back on your life and have no regrets?

Take some time to think and then act. Your decisions and actions that you are going to take will definitely change the lives of your loved ones and the thousands upon thousands of people on the surface on this earth.

I thank you for your time reading this blog and I hope it has added value to your life and the many lives of others in time to come.

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