3 Simple Keys to Success

Many people talk about achieving personal and business success. There are tons of book on these topics. We are overwhelmed and overloaded with so much information from these authors. However, in the final analysis, you would come to the conclusion that “there’s nothing new under the Sun“, probably including this article that you are reading. Ha ha.

I just hope that my 3 Simple Keys to Success will somehow stop you from reading any other resources on these topics and start heading for the success you deserve personally and professionally. These 3 Simple Keys are NOT arranged in any order of importance. To me, they are all important no matter how you dissect them.

Key 1) A Belief that Your Future will be Better than Your Present.

Do you believe that your future will be better and greater than your present? This is the question I commonly ask the participants of my in-house talks. Many will start to complaint about the economy, the competition, or the intervention of the Government in their industry. These complaints are valid but they are NOT the answers to my question. They have more often than not forgotten the context of my question. I asked them for their “belief” not their “conditions”. Once you realized this major difference, your future will never be the same again. Your future can only get better and better, greater and greater.

When your belief about your future is so strong, you transcend all “obstacles” that might stand in your way.

In any economic downturn, not every one suffers. In fact, many have prospered during economic downturns. Similarly, in an economic upturn, not every one prospers. Many have suffered major losses. Therefore, your future has got NOTHING to do with your external environment but your BELIEF system that is within YOU.

Key 2) A Belief in Yourself and Your Capability.

Too many people place too much emphasis on what other people say, or think about ourselves and at the same time we place too little emphasis on what we say, and think about ourselves.

Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.

If we continue to listen to the opinions of others, then we are going to lose our identity sooner or later. We will start to feel less confident about ourselves. At the same time, our doubts about ourselves increases. As such, we begin to feel helpless, worthless, and hopeless at times. We begin to behave like a victim of circumstances. This is real bad.

Living without believing in yourself is just EXISTENCE. This is NOT life.

We need to behave like a Lighthouse. That’s immovable regardless of external circumstances (waves) believing that your talents and abilities will pull you through all troubles and challenges. You are continuously growing and learning every single day. Therefore whatever success you want for your personal and business life MUST come to pass if only your STOP listening to the opinions of others and start believing in yourself and capacity to change, grow, and succeed. Period.

Key 3) A Belief in Your Ideals.

What is your ideal lifestyle? What is your ideal business? What is your ideal family relationships? What is your ideal product or service? Most of us have our ideals. However, we do not get our ideals fulfilled most of the times simply because we are being distracted or crowded by our daily activities and challenges that we only have a vague picture of them in our mind. Finally we lost them and we compromise ourselves, our standards, and our life.

I am NOT suggesting that we pursue perfection. No. Perfection is a destination. Ideal is a state that’s in constant movement.

There you have it. My 3 Simple Keys to Success. There are based on my humble observation as a business consultant with successful and “less-successful” people. They are also deeply rooted in my personal belief system as well since I started my consulting career in 1998.

I thank you for taking the time to read this simple article. I appreciate your time and effort.

You can email me your comments at Victor@CrossbowConsultingGroup.com

Thank you.

Victor Ang

CEO, Crossbow Consulting Group

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