Why Network Marketing?

Many of my friends and clients have asked me the same question, “Why did I join the Network Marketing business?”

They all know that I do not need the income as I have already been receiving my passive income from several sources since 10 years ago.

All they have in their mind is the big “WHY?”.

Actually I coming out of my retirement lifestyle 2 years ago was to look for another stream of passive income to add to my current income streams. I have let my intention known to selected few of my friends and I was referred to many business opportunities that promised me passive income. Opportunities from several Network Marketing came to me but I was not very convinced by them as I explored and spoke to their members. Till I found Yi Jia International.

I studied the company, their staff, their members, and their trainers etc to understand their culture. I found that it was good and suits me well. This was after several months of deliberation before I made my decision to represent them and to put my reputation on the line.

It turned out well.

Now, the million dollar “WHY?”.

Many friends have always wanted to invest in property and trade the Forex market with me. However, they do not have the capital to invest and trade like me. Therefore I saw an opportunity that I can fill – to help aspiring individuals to increase their income exponentially through the power of duplication in Network Marketing.

Another situation I saw was the debt per capita in Singapore is averaged S$86,678 as at Jan 2017. Our national debt level is at 115.42% of our GDP. Our purchasing power is at zero without the help of debts like credit cards to buy grocery to put food on the table, pump petrol into your car, and pay for your children education. However, as debt increases, the economy shrink further. the cycle repeats itself. You get the idea.

As such I saw another opportunity I can fill to change the financial destiny of people who are willing to learn and follow a proven system to generate passive income to build their wealth and pay off debts at the same time. This has worked well for all my business partners under my leadership. Thank God.

In my humble opinion, Network Marketing is the business of the future. It has been in existence for the last 53 years and I believe it will continue well into the future as the cost of operations continue to go up, inflation continue to go up, and purchasing value of money continue to slide. Companies that want to thrive will need to distribute their products and services through a network.

This is not a fad but a reality of business. It is either you are in it or you are being left behind by your peers, the economy, and life.

I hope this article would help you as reader to rethink about your financial future. As I have always advised all my clients and friends – “Dig your well before you’re thirsty“.

Thank you. I can be reached at +65 9362 7301 or email ang_victor@yahoo.com



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