Do You Have a Strong CTA for Your Buyers to Act on?

Every business on earth sells something. Be it a product or a service.

Now assuming that you have a great product or service that you are proud of, and you have established a compelling reason why your prospects must buy from you and not your competitors. You may think that you gonna laugh all the way to the bank with your great product or service. WRONG. Many great products or services on the market fail to launch. Why? They did not have a strong Call to Action (CTA) for their prospects to buy from them.

A strong CTA is a must in all marketing campaigns. Without a strong CTA, you are leaving too much money on the table. Too many sales lost.

So what is a CTA and how do you use one in your business to boost your sales to the next level? Read on.

A CTA is a focused command to your targeted prospects telling them what to do next after reading your marketing piece. There are weak CTAs as well as strong ones. A weak one would be like “Buy Now”, “Click here for more Information”, “Learn More”, or “Find out More” etc. These are what I would consider as weak CTAs as they only encourage your prospects to take the next step. While taking the next step into your sales funnel may be appropriate for your campaign or business as part of your conversion process, however, I feel that a strong CTA would help you get the business in faster and quicker.

A strong CTA is like “Use this Promo Code before 31/8/2017 and receive $500/- FREE”, “Call and book your appointment before 31/7/2017 and our top hairstylist will do your hair for FREE”.

A strong CTA focuses on time limitation and scarcity. A weak CTA does not. That little difference makes a lot of difference in your bottomline results.

Just last year, I was referred to a retailer client who was struggling with a lot of old inventories that were not being sold. When I first came to him, he was very depressed and was at the point of giving up his retail shop to go online as his rental has gone up 35% since last renewal.

Having chatted with him over 3 meetings, I told him that even if he had gone online, he would still have to deal with his old inventories that he needed to clear. He was hoping that his online store will do the the job but I decided otherwise. I suggested that he looked into his customer base. I was surprised that he had a database of more than 5000 thousand customers. “Wow” was my first impression. He was sitting on a goldmine that he did not realise.

I suggested to him to do a “Private Sale” event. Just for the 5000 customers on his database. I did work on the pricing to make sure that every piece of his inventory brings in the margin we need to make a profit. Because of the size of the customer base, we decided to do this event for 3 days from Friday to Monday. No one was allowed to this private event without the event email he sent them.

Over the next 3 days, we cleared close to 90% of his old inventories, shoes, heels, clothings, and accessories etc. And he was laughing all the way to his bank on the 4th day. He then treated me to dinner as a form of celebration. When I asked him why did he decide to work with me, he said “It was my Money-back Guarantee”. Yes. That was my strong CTA that I delivered to him after our 3rd meeting. I told him I do not take in any consulting project unless I am certain of a great result.

I am glad that I have helped another struggling business owner to turn around his business and life. I hope this article would help you rethink about your CTA and the creative use of your customer database for good.

Thank you.

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