Does Your Marketing Suck?

Most business owners are oblivious to what marketing really is.

To make matter worse, most business owners have been “trained” by most marketers to throw thousands upon thousands of dollars out of the window camouflaged as “necessary” marketing expenditure.

Please. STOP whatever marketing campaigns you have right now if you really want to have a positive returns from them. STOP wasting your dollars. Start asking your marketing consultants the following questions and listen to their answers.

Get this straight. Marketing IS NOT about spending money on such things as advertising, PR, direct mail, and brochures etc. These are just marketing tools.

Real purpose of marketing is about growing your Sales Revenues, Profits, and Valuation of your business. Period.

If all your marketing activities and campaigns are NOT geared towards these 3 purposes of marketing, then you are just wasting your time and money. The only people who make the money would be your marketing consultants. Sorry to say this but this is the truth in most of my clients cases and also around the business circle.

It is no wonder why so many business owners are disappointed with their marketing results versus the amount of money they have put into them. They actually shunned marketing consultants. Oh dear.

Here, I would like to offer some simple qualifying questions for all business owners to ask their marketing consultants before any decision is being made for any client engagement.

Q1) Will the campaign proposed by the marketing consultants increase your Sales Revenues, and Profits? If so, by what expected percentage from current? How certain? How soon?

Q2) Will the campaign generate at least a 2 to 1 returns ratio?

Q3) Can a single sale be tracked back to the proposed campaign?

Q4) Can the number of people becoming aware of your campaign be tracked?

Q5) Can the proposed campaign be scalable, or repeatable?

The above are the 5 fundamental questions that all business owners MUST ask before they embark on any marketing campaign. In addition, business owners should also ask for a guarantee from the marketing consultants to make this this deal good and credible. Most marketing consultants do not offer guarantee, only a handful of them would. Work with them for a peace of mind.

Running a business in the current high costs environment is tough enough. Every dollar counts. So please scrutinize all your marketing proposals and campaigns like you would look for a virus under a microscope.

The last thing you want is to throw your hard-earned money out of the window and into the laps of marketing consultants who do not have answers to the above-mentioned 5 questions.

Thank you.

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