Business as Living Organism

Businesses as Living Organism.

All living organism go through the 4 stages, namely, Infancy, Growth, Maturity, Death.

Be it a plant or a pet. They all share the same path. No question about it. But what about your business? Do you think they share the same path as a living plant or a pet? The answer is a definite “Yes”.

All living organism go through the same 4 stages and in the process they all fall sick every now and then. They then needed medical attention to restore back their health. Isn’t this very similar to the process every business goes through? They get healthy (Good Profits and Healthy Cash Flow) and they get sick (Low Sales, Low profits, and Negative Cash Flow) every now and then throughout the life cycle of the business life.

This is the way we see businesses. However, when they fall “sick”, we want to know the causes and correct them. When they are healthy, we also want to know the causes and repeat them.

This is because sickness of a business is the effect of things not done right from the very beginning. Sickness and health of businesses are not the causes as many business owners would like to think.

Now, knowing the business results (effects) are not to your expectations, then you must look into the causes that created those unwanted results in the first place. How do you really determine the causes? This is the key question. Just like a doctor, he can never prescribe you any medication without proper diagnosis. This is malpractice.

With proper diagnosis, the next step for the business owner is to accept the results and take corrective actions as soon as possible. No blaming game. You got to stop the bleeding or risk dying.

Fortunately, we are able to help you diagnose the current health of your business before it is too late.

Requests for free diagnosis can be made here. You will be glad you did.

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