Do We Still Need Business Consultants in the Google Era?

Not too long ago, I was in a discussion with 3 SME owners over the need for business consultants in the Google era now.

John, a veteran business owner of 31 years said “the need for business consultants is over as most information can be found on Google.”

Vincent agreed.

Michelle was sitting on the fence, not willing to take a side.

When they look at me for some answers, I told them the need for business consultants now is greater than when I started my consulting business 18 years ago.

Logically, they asked me why.

I answered “With the invention of the internet, we are now faced with the problems of information overload and information chaos.”

Problem 1) Information Overload

There’s simply too much information on the internet. At times, we don’t even know where to start searching or what key words to use for our search. Just Google the word “Profits” and you will get 147,000,000 search results as of this blog post. This is mind-boggling. We simply don’t have that kind of time to go through all those search results to get what we wanted to know.

Problem 2) Information Chaos

Most information on the internet contains conflicting views of each author or contributor even on the same topic or idea. Some authors or contributors are more credible than the rest of them but all their views seem equally right and logically. Who do you believe and trust? This is where confusion sets in. This is where we’re paralyse to take any meaningful actions to resolve the issue we have at hand in the first place.

I told my 3 friends that business consulting and advisory is the second oldest trade in the history of mankind and it is here to stay.

Look at the medical trade. We have so many publications in the marketplace to encourage and promote good health and fitness in us. We have so much information on the internet about food, vitamins, and minerals that will help us live long and fruitful lives and yet we still fall sick and contracted diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, and Gout problems at an early age as compared to our parents and forefathers.

Clearly this is to show that what we need is not just credible information from credible sources but also advice and guidance from a subject matter expert to guide us in the right path. Someone who has “been there, done that.”

This is where an experienced business consultant is called upon to solve a business problem where the consultant is a subject matter expert. Similarly in the example above you would need a healthy dietician to show you the way to great health.

Therefore, I told my 3 friends that the consultancy and advisory trade will continue to be in great demand despite of the great amount of information we can find on the internet as there’s nothing that can replace the actual experiences of a consultant or adviser in the real world.

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